Love is like a giant wave,

Sweeping over me.

And it happens perhaps

Sometimes when you hold my hand,

Sometimes when I can’t understand

What keeps you from saying

The right words,

If it only means that you care.

Sometimes I feel we’re leading ourselves nowhere,

And when I do,

A tiny wave,

Washes ashore,

Gives me an ache in my throat-

I gulp hard.

I shouldn’t turn everything into words,

But what else do I have to give?

A very expressive one keeps reeling under the phrases for you,

You can’t help it if I write down a poem:

My passive aggressive way of letting this tiny wave move past me,

My toes digging into the sand,

My ming trying to find a grasp on the land that shifts from beneath it.

If you can surf well,

You ride the rising wave and your exhilarated state knows all too well,

That this frothing foaming sheet lets you hitchhike.

We’re passengers, imagine so many of us dotted across the sea trying to tame our feelings.

Once in a while a giant wave will pin you down,

Suffocating you,

You don’t want to name this feeling.

It crushes you,

And in your attempts to reach out and get out of this strange unfamiliar territory,

You pull me down,

We sink together.

Perhaps you rise, but I drown nevertheless,

Under my weight.



I was cleaning my room.

I am accused of doing that so often it doesn’t make any sense.

So I threw away receipts and stubs,

Now blank pages

The ink having disappeared into memory like oblivion,

They look strangely aghast at the loss of a shared history.

As if they scream at me,

Wanting answers like the restless people demand of their leaders

Out in the cold saying poetry-

Some of it Hindu and some of it maybe Muslim- who knows?

Did they ever mean anything?

I only shake my head and reply:

Maybe you did a month ago,

When I could have looked at you and exclaimed Ah I remember!

Do you remember the time we ordered that thing we didn’t quite like?

Do you remember how I was stuck on that dress but bought this instead?

I might have sent a picture with those.

But today,

When you’ve gone pale and I can’t even read a word that was ever printed on you,

Today you mean nothing.


The fault,
Is not in my stars because
They keep twinkling even when it’s dark-
With a consistency
That I could have sworn
Was unnecessary.

Every morning,
Light fills up my room,
Barring the edges of my silhouette
Afraid to touch me
Yet every morning arrives,
As if it believes in me,
More than I do in myself.

The clock strikes ten on workdays,
I am by my desk,
Waiting for customers to start filling in
With amazing preserverance
To get something done,
Even if it needs more documentation than they’re willing to part with.

It seems like the universe believes
I could do better
But hates to tell me,
Because I know.


Abandoned Women

Have you seen the landscape fill up with abandoned women?     

She came home with acid on her face after a week at the hospital and she was already bereft of the neighbors’ acknowledgement

Her name a talk of the town,

Only her face walks around wearing blame.

People now address her as ‘You should not have…’

She was found lying unconscious on the highway having been raped twice during a night.

Once by the rapists and again by rescuers- until the line between them completely disappeared

And every face becomes her perpetrator. Can all of us be put in a jail?

Abandoned by humanity, a bloody disgusting pile of flesh and bones in the middle of the road.

A distressed cry, an erotic find.

She was beaten and sent back home,

Where was that bike that her father had promised the groom?

Abandoned next by her parents who brought her back,

Albeit on the shiny new pulsar her husband now uses to roam

Drink and beat her once in a while because theyre still due on that gold chain.

Defaulting on commitments- what sort of a lying cheating family was she from?

Abandoned by the women of her family who no longer notice how they’ve invariably begun banishing her from festivities and laughter,

Because six years on and childless,

Maketh her not  a


So something must be wrong,

With her.

As is wrong with all women

Because they exist despite everything.

Thinking for us

I was sipping coffee to hold myself a little longer,

You were making plans for December.

Our eyes met and spoke volumes,

In a glance about-

How you love looking at the stars as the night seeps through sand on a beach

And how I love being mesmerized on walking trails through the woods

How you getting up early really gets on your nerves

And how I sleep late into the night after I’ve been trying for an hour

How you would have told me that I’m beautiful everyday after having woken up

And how I’d stick with you on days you feel like giving up.

Would you claim I’m yours?

Would I stop you from seeing your friends too often?

Would you tell me I’m crazy when I cry myself to sleep for no reason whatsoever?

Would I not talk to you for two days straight when you forget our anniversary?

Maybe on our eleventh anniversary we realise

It’s make or break from here onwards.

At fifty I might be wondering where we went wrong as we bicker about everything to begin with.

I say hurtful words that stab like daggers and you do too.


It might come to a day when I’m 60 and running to the toilet every few hours while I’m reading my favourite book as you suggest what to gift to our favourite niece on her marriage.

And I complain about how her prospective in laws are such a show off.

And yet you manage to hold my hands as we see her off to her new home. And I realise we are doing just fine.

Fateh Sagar Lake in pictures

Fateh Sagar Lake was one of the highlights of my Udaipur trip. Watching the sun set over the lake is so mesmerising that it is beyond explanation.If you’re hoping to find grandeur of some proportion , you’ll be disappointed. This is more of a picnic spot for locals as well as tourists. Take a leisurely walk through the length of the lake with not a care on your mind. Try the soft corn cobs and cotton candy to reminisce about your childhood.Get an icecream and chanachur. Let the taste buds tingle and finish it off with nutella hot chocolate served nearby at Sai eatery.Sure enough, it will be an evening to remember. ❤️