Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

Nidhi and I knew this flower wall would gi
ve us perfect pictures. And yet when I asked her to pose, she didn’t stand still for a moment and all I could capture were a few photographs where she’s not looking at the camera, given how beautiful the background is. This I thought was pretty cheeky of her!


Memories out of books

My bed looks like a battlefield. In no mood to straighten it up, I pull out Forbidden from a pile of books on an equally scattered table top. And I start reading. I realize that I am reading after quite some time and I haven’t even bought any books lately.

Tabitha Suzuma is great with descriptions. 

The beginning itself, contains an anonymous quote that I relate to.
You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.

I am into chapter two, going through Maya’s narrative and imagining in front of me a disruptive kitchen when something takes me back into a memory. Suddenly I am filled with a vigour to scavenge for my copy of the perks of being a wallflower.

I recalled I had told someone that there’s a description in there that’s really beautiful- the part where they drive into a tunnel.

And I recalled she had wanted to read it.
I stood on my tiptoes on the bed to reach the comparatively thin, lime green book tucked between others. I could barely reach it and didn’t care enough to grab a chair or a stool, so confident I was that I just needed to flex my hands a little bit.

I grabbed the novel beneath it and pulled it towards myself, hoping that would let me get hold of the one above it. But no.

Humongous volumes of The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Chamber of Secrets came crashing down on my head like an earthquake.

But hey, I finally grabbed my prize!

So this text seems too long I know, but trust me, wouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. But hey, why don’t you stop reading if you’re in the middle of something and come back later when you’re really calm and relaxed? Believe me, that’d be great 🙂 And you’d want to read the book itself.

While I was looking for the tunnel part, I came across another beautiful paragraph:

That’s when Sam grabbed my hand.” I love this song!”

She led me to the dance floor. And she started dancing. And I started dancing. It was a fast song, so I wasn’t very good, but she didn’t seem to mind. We were just dancing, and that was enough. The song ended, and then a slow one came on. She looked at me. I looked at her. Then, she took my hand and pulled me in to dance slow. I don’t know how to dance slow very well either, but I do Know how to sway.

Her whisper smelled like cranberry juice and vodka.

“I looked for you in the parking lot today.”

I hoped mine still smelled like toothpaste.

“I was looking for you, too.”

Then we were quiet for the rest of the song. She held me a little closer. I held her a little closer. And we kept dancing. It was the one time day that I really wanted the clock to stop. And just be there for a long time.

And the part I was talking about:

There’s something about that tunnel that leads to downtown. It’s glorious at night. Just glorious. You start at one side of the mountain, and it’s dark, and the radio is loud. As you enter the tunnel, the wind gets sucked away, and you squint from the lights overhead. When you adjust to the lights, you can see the other side in the distance just as the sound of radio fades to nothing because the waves just can’t reach. Then, you’re in the middle of the tunnel and everything becomes a calm dream. As you see the opening get closer, you just can’t get there fast enough. And finally, when you think you’ll never get there, you see the opening right in front of you. And the radio comes back even louder than you remember it. And the wind is waiting. A million lights and buildings and everything seems as exciting as the first time you saw it.

For the love of food!

You get them everywhere you go. But that morning, we had a craving for the sweet sour dried berries and bought some.

And then after a while, it exhausted us. XD

We rushed through them, trying to finish them up. 

Monsoon Palace is all about the view. And the sunset. When it was dark, we decided to have something hot and zeroed in on this. Sitting at the cafe table with the city in front of you, its a heart warming experience.

We got one packed for our hotel room it was a delight!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

I love this photo graph though it is as plain as being a reflection of Nidhi and me, looking at the water below. Our reflections peek back at us through a flimsy green surface and we captured it: the two of us taking this trip to figure things out.  In the quiet, this picture represents the turmoils our hearts were in.

This picture was taken at Mount Abu, a hillstation in Rajasthan.

Memories from a journey

I was waiting at the Kolkata airport for my Air India flight to Mumbai. It was supposed to depart at 9:20 am but there was a little delay and we hadn’t taken off until 9:40. 

The wait

I didn’t know this ticket included breakfast. 🙂


Of course I couldn’t capture what I was seeing. These were cotton balls floating in the sky, and looking so tangible I could almost believe people stepping on them and feeling under their feet hard ground. It looked so breathtakingly beautiful and the picture doesn’t do justice to what was in front of me!

Treat for the eyes!

My friend joined me at the Mumbai Airport and we landed in Udaipur in the afternoon. Fun was about to begin!

Finally it was so good to see her and really feel excited for the trip!


On your first trip to Udaipur, book an ola/Uber as soon as you deplane at the Maharana Pratap Airport at Dabok because that’ll save you some money. If you wait, they’ll all be gone and prepaid taxis are expensive. You have the option to get on a bus playing a little outside the airport but that would take you to a bus depot and you’ll have to find something else like an auto or taxi to your hotel. And we couldn’t do that because we had overwhelming luggage. Pre paid taxi to our hotel at Hanuman Ghat cost us Rs. 600/- for around 22 kilometres. Also find out beforehand if your hotel provides airport pick up and at what price. 

The Journey

My colleagues were wary that my train departs so late at night, at around midnight. They cannot be blamed either, because we know how safe women are anywhere and a woman travelling alone apparently invites undue attention to herself. I understand.

But, she also exudes the confidence to do that.

I had packed my bag a month prior to departure and up until tonight, I have packed and repacked quite a number of times. In fact, I emptied my trolley bag an hour before I had to leave and repacked. 

The anxiety gets the better of me.

But I won’t let a ‘what if’ pull me down and prevent me from creating memories!

So here’s to another trip and lots of memories. 

Seated as I am in the waiting room since my train is about an hour late, I realized that this time, I forgot keeping a book with me. Sigh.