Escapist tendencies

Life to us, is nasty and short. Everyday we get to hear the same stories repeating themselves over and over again - war, violence and despair. How exactly does our consciousness cope with the fact that gloom is inevitable? I think that is the point when the concept of alternate realities comes into existence. Let … Continue reading Escapist tendencies



Locked up within trecherous depths of apprehension, a blatant assertion laid bare. It shocks and surprises you, it startles me. Read between the lines and you will find out why. And while you and me, go on distractedly, holding on in speculation of 'Perhaps,maybe,I wish, I hope. . . ' while the brutish truth stares … Continue reading Bare


In her eyes, the desire to win hearts the limitations of being a frail woman. And as she passes the powder puff over her sunken cheekbones, a rolling diadem sparkles, outlines the blinking charm beneath her forehead. Arched brows, defined lips. So often called seductive, so tenderly kissed. Bites them and clings to the mirror. … Continue reading Her

Love today

Love, a word that has become so frequently used today so that it has lost its magical charm in the imagination of young lovers. I'm talking about romantic love. In an era where it is simple enough to fall in love with someone you've met over a social networking site, it becomes increasingly difficult to … Continue reading Love today

Hello world!

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