Escapist tendencies

Life to us, is nasty and short. Everyday we get to hear the same stories repeating themselves over and over again – war, violence and despair. How exactly does our consciousness cope with the fact that gloom is inevitable? I think that is the point when the concept of alternate realities comes into existence. Let us take into account ‘daydreaming’ which is essentially considered a child’s forte. Is that true? I have found myself daydreaming whenever the stark realities of the monotonous life haunts me. So it doesn’t matter if I am attending a class, travelling, cooking, reading or doing anything else. Instantaneous imagination comes naturally to me and helps me to adapt myself to the truths that this world has to offer. Entire industries flourish on this very tendency of rational humans to look for amusement that for a while, makes them forget their worries. So we choose to read adrenaline heightening novels that transport us to a world which seems different in some respect than the one we are a part of. The very fact that we tend to identify parts of ourselves with the characters encourages the subconscious to revel in it. Same stands true for visual media like television and cinema. So is it the reason that the shows and movies that depict a utopian or happily-ever-after setting climb to the topmost rung of the popularity ladder? Has social network become a medium through which people choose to interact with friends virtually and not in person because that defeats the very purpose of seeking an ‘escape’? This is what I have to find out.


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