It ends?

Your reasons are beyond me.
Do I not interest you anymore,
now being within your reach?
Months of hide and seek,
an adventurous escapade.
And it ends?

I’m not the mysterious puzzle anymore.
Did it take you so long to realise?
That I can’t be flawlessly beautiful at all time.
That I might be messy and untidy and I ought to be excused.
That I can’t forever stay young.
You are just like them.
Like all of them.

Take away these memories.
Heaps of absolute rubbish.
Go away, sweet heart.
There’s but one regret,
down the years when you realise,
that you wronged a heart which loved you so,
you might want to come running,
begging me for another chance.
Oh frail me!
I may not be here,
my love.
I shall not be here.



  1. Here I am here to keep my promise. Remember, I would visit you blog to read your work ?

    Well, I am not much a poetry person. I don’t know how to write one and sometime don’t even like those ‘Eliot’ type deep-poetry. But yes I tend to like and take interest in simple-yet- meaningful poetry.

    In this poem I found it to be simple-yet-meaningful. I was able to understand what do you want to convey and it was no doubt in an understandable style. I even think you can simply write a whole-extended-version of this prose in form of a blog post.

    Wish you luck.

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