Status quo


Loss is an important part of our lives as any other aspect we value. It just teaches us so many lessons. Somewhere, along the way, all of us need to understand this. We just cannot keep holding on to people who have decided that time is ripe for them to leave. Suppose we have a material possession that we are very passionately attached to. What happens when realisation dawns upon us that it has been irretrievably lost? We resent the lost and regret our carelessness in not safeguarding it properly. But slowly, no matter how late, we do come to terms with it and life goes on.

People, on the other hand, fulfill our emotional requirements. They influence us in varying degrees and as becomes the dependability on some of them that we cannot imagine life without them. All of us are constantly waging battles against our own feelings coming to terms with people chosing to walk out. It hurts, obviously. Deep down inside, you get plagued with a sinking feeling that takes control and there is nothing else you can put your attention to. Physically, the body reacts with extremeties- anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, frequent mood swings and convulsions. It all arises in the head and you btake turns to blame others and most predominantly, yourself.

There is no rule book that can put down how failure in a romantic relationship feels. It either makes or breaks you. The heart that has been hurt thinks it may never love again. But sooner or later you get out of it if you endorse the correct attitude. The first step that we should take is the acceptance that even if we might have loved someone dearly, he/she cannot be forced to love us back. And when they choose to leave, the decision needs to be respected and there must not be any kind of bargaining to just keep that person back for the very sake of it. Loss, as I stated, is inevitable. It creates a void that no one can fill. But it does’nt mean that there is nothing left to look forward to. Love yourself for the time being and the tears shall dry up and be replaced with a wry smile. Once we reach that point when we can smile about all the good things it brought to us, we’ll be a step ahead in our efforts to rebuild our lives.


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