A thing

I realised,
that I’ve got a thing for romances,
rendezvous, sneekaways and ballroom dances.
And love letters,
the forget me nots,
roses amidst crumpled pages
and songs the bards loved to sing,
on rainy days, under hawthorn hedges.

Mushy greetings and poems of passion,
farewell, adieus and desparation.
And here I do mention a thing or two,
that I have a thing for,
apart from you!

Moments of apprehension and raptures of joy,
like a tiny toddler’s newfound toy.
Minutes in waiting the warmth of touch,
dreams never ending of encounters as such.

I got a thing for life,
and its clumsy gifts.
And you’ve got the reason,
to have a thing for me!


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