Makar Sankranti

Every month during a year, the sun transitions from one zodiac sign to another. So there are 12 such transitions and the ones having astrological significance are two- Mesh (Aries) and Makar ( Capricorn) Sankranti (Transition).
Makar Sankranti, being a solar event, signifies the day when the Sun begins its journey into the Northern Hemisphere and marks its transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn. It falls on 14th January and is celebrated religiously all over India in different ways. While in UP, people take a dip in Ganga, in Gujarat people fly beautiful kites, Lohri is celebrated in Punjab and so on. Here in the Chhotanagpur plateau encompassing Jharkhand, Bihar and neighbouring areas, Chura(a form of flattened rice), Dahi(yoghurt),Tilkut(a sweet made from til) and Gud(jaggery) is eaten in the morning.(And tasty it is!)
From this day onwards, the days start getting longer and the chill in the air decreases.
Wishing everyone of you an excellent beginning to an amazing year ahead. 🙂


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