I am travelling to Gaya today, a city in the neighbouring state of Jharkhand. My father accompanies me as I am not yet expected to travel out of station alone, it being really unsafe for the fairer sex these days.
So I’ve decided to track down and mention any unnerving incident that puts me on my guard. We have boarded the Dhanbad Gaya Intercity Express and fortunately enough found ourselves seats. I am sitting in the middle of two women while my father sits with two men on the seat facing us.
Already I have found a scourge and he’s this man sitting on the left and facing me. He seems to be of age more than around 25 and is constantly staring.
Now, if people wish to know if staring makes any difference, IT DOES.
It unsettles me and makes me feel low on self confidence and comfort. It is hugely awkward to be in the knowledge that someone’s eyes are following whatever I am doing. I become extremely conscious of myself and the feeling is very repulsive. What do I wish to do? I wish to ask this scoundrel squarely if there’s something wrong. But I can’t. Now that would seem strange, doesn’t it? But I can’t because I can predict exactly what shall follow next and it won’t be in my favour. So I just have to sit here and wait untill his eyeballs pop out and fall down.
But I would surely like to ask those very people who make a mockery out of a woman’s dilemma, why isn’t it even possible to travel without men staring? And let me tell you something. It is a worrisome scenario that these perverts are part of the very society we’re proud of and go bragging about! Culture, morality and the like are the aspects that we shower on others about our Indian pride. And this pride is clearly manifest in the way you treat women.


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  1. Wow, I can imagine that being pretty terrifying. I know what you mean about the fear of people staring, makes me feel on edge at times as well especially in a confined space with knowhere to go like that. Interesting post though and interest take on the culture over their, definitly worth a follow for this one alone. Any chance you could check my blog out when you get a chance as well?

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