Time asserts itself in numerous ways, like memories that begin fading, and moments of madness that we start regretting. We're growing old, soon we'd wonder if the anti ageing cream, ought to be added, to a budget that already hinges on prescriptions, and then colour our hair, splurge on botox, plan retirement, try to make … Continue reading Age


Incomplete #5

He waited with a bated breath for her to betray a glimpse of that unflinching storehouse of utmost affection that she had once showered on him. His condition, he felt, was like a moth ready to char itself to death in the devastating flame of the candle. He loved the heartburn more than ever. Inside … Continue reading Incomplete #5

Incomplete #4

'Will the pendant be ready by the 3rd?' Mr. Sen, the jeweller nodded in affirmative and handed her the acknowledgement receipt. Assured, Ananya left the shop and came out of the complex. Although it was early April, the day was nevertheless getting much too warm for her comfort. She realised that Manoj the driver would … Continue reading Incomplete #4


Dust laden and windy, doors go BANG! Tyres sreeching on the road, I can hear shutters going down and window-panes slam. A delight to feel, the storm roar in my ears. We've got secrets to share. Like a touch of wild passion running through the bones, carrying a familiar inkling, of a gust of emotion. … Continue reading Storm