Incomplete #2

She made her way across the market to the pavement. She heaved a sigh of relief once inside the air conditioned complex and started walking in energetic strides towards the other end where the store was located. She was oblivious to the people walking past. It was almost as if she was walking in a narrow corridor the other end of which only stopped at the store itself.
Her friends had often remarked that she walked upright, almost commanding an authority. They even joked that she’d not look at people even on an inkling of having known them. In her march, she abruptly bumped into a man midway and the contents of the other bag fell on the tiled floor.
Soon the fruits trickled out and spread across. She threw a quizzical glance at the man who bent down to undo the act. Soon enough, the contents were back in place and she started again.


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