Incomplete #3

In the confusion, she didn’t notice that a young man had stopped short some feet away. He was, if it can be explained thus, trying to believe that it was actually Ananya in front of him. He strained his eyes to take a better look at Ananya who was just too absorbed in recollecting her stuff. When she started walking again, he stood there, perplexed. He recalled the last encounter the two had had four years ago and specially the very last sentence she had uttered.
‘I hope I never see you again, Ishaan.’

He felt his face flush and an urgent desire to turn away and leave overpowered his senses. Yet, all of this didn’t even extend beyond the fraction of a second. Once again, she was walking away, without even knowing that he watched her. She disappeared into the store and he was still there. He moved towards the exit with leaden steps. All he cared right then was getting away. All this while, he imagined a thousand scenarios that might have taken place if he had dared to intercept Ananya.
What if she rushed and embraced him? Or walked away as if he was a stranger? What if he wasn’t able to control his feelings and perhaps planted a passionate kiss on her endearing lips?


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