Incomplete #4

‘Will the pendant be ready by the 3rd?’
Mr. Sen, the jeweller nodded in affirmative and handed her the acknowledgement receipt. Assured, Ananya left the shop and came out of the complex.
Although it was early April, the day was nevertheless getting much too warm for her comfort. She realised that Manoj the driver would be waiting at the far end of the city centre and moved ahead in that direction.


She wasn’t sure what stopped first- her steps or the heartbeats.

‘Ishaan, you have such a voice that I can always recognise.’ She had said, running her fingers across his black curls.
‘Really?’, he had quizzed playfully.
‘And if I disguise it, Anu? I can really fool you over the phone.’
Her mellow laughter followed.
‘No you can’t! Your voice is seductive and with a tinge of smirk that cannot be hidden. I will always know it is you.’

But it wasn’t 2010 and neither was it Delhi. That it was Ishaan’s voice was beyond doubt and she turned. There he was, looking at her affectionately, waiting for her to respond.


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