Time asserts itself in numerous ways,
like memories that begin fading,
and moments of madness that we start regretting.
We’re growing old,
soon we’d wonder if the anti ageing cream,
ought to be added,
to a budget that already hinges on prescriptions,
and then colour our hair,
splurge on botox,
plan retirement,
try to make a difference,
to the lesser world that we’re in.

Faces smile at us,
waiting for approval,
and we just scratch our heads.
‘I know her.
She’s someone I know!
What’s your name, again?’

And very soon,
the futility of mapping time,
shows us the truth of life.
Older connections are lost,
and happiness means,
finishing off the day sans the pain in the joints,
and having once in a very long while,
something the doctor prohibited.

And we see young people,
change faster than we did,
we want to ask them,
the paycheck that got you the tablet,
did that make you feel in love with it?
The one night stands that give you a high,
do they ever rest on loyalty?
And it ends with a sigh.
For the world never minds the mindless rumble.
We lived in different times, they say!


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