He asks her why she was intimidating the birds instead of talking to him. It was he who was late. She retorts back.
How could you be late when you didn’t even come?’
Saras tries to pacify her anger and I must say, both of them did a remarkable job today. Their expressions were true to the situation. Dugba arrives but starts to leave when Kumud asks her to pick up the paapads as they were dry. Saras sits down beside Kumud and tries to help but she just wouldn’t let him. He even tries to hold her hand playfully and she retaliates with such expression and agitation of hands that for a moment you forget they’re actors.
Irritated, she gets up.
‘Badi Ma, much of my time has already been wasted today. So I’m going. He will help you.’
She leaves.
We loved that funny exchange between Dugba and Saras just then.
She asks, ‘What happened to her?’
Saras just makes that innocent ‘I have no idea.’ expression and it left many of us sighing. In pure pleasure, ofcourse!


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