Meanwhile, I find my apprehension regarding Umesh coming true. There’s something sinister going on. We see him waiting for someone at a secluded place. Soon, two men arrive and we’re shown just one of these men. The man is annoyed that Umesh hasn’t been able to lay his hands on Kumari yet. They want her, anyhow it seems. I’ve got an inkling that the other man might be Kumari’s father.
Anyhow, at night when everyone has gone to sleep and Saras finds Kumud alone in the kitchen, he steals inside and closes both the doors when she notices him. She’s still angry. He tries to help her do the dishes but she shrugs away and starts folding the napkins instead. He tries to copy her movements (and Gautam Rode manages to convince the viewer that whatever he’s doing is spontaneous and natural.)
We’ve all been rooting for more romance and that did happen today when he tried to brush away the flour that had fallen on Kumud.
in a poem. 😉


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