Late night dilemma

It is past midnight and I don’t feel sleepy at all. So I’ve been bothering my brother with all sorts of ridiculous questions for the last half an hour.
‘Hey, you awake?’ I ask excitedly.
He answers, in a voice that seems to be coming from a land far away,’ What?’
I move a bit closer so I wouldn’t have to shout and wake the neighbourhood up.
‘I’ve been thinking, if there was a chip inserted inside us to track our whereabouts, what kind of technology would be used?’
I couldn’t see his expression then but could very well imagine what it was like.
‘Why on Earth would you be thinking that in the first place?’
He did sound a bit annoyed.
Still I waited for an answer. He sighed.
‘Look, if that chip must act like a transmitter or reciever of geographical co ordinates, they’d be using waves. Radio waves maybe.’
I was interested regardless of the fact that his answer may or may not be entirely correct. But then, I didn’t need a demonstration. This much was enough at the time.


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  1. Well …seemingly taking you question seriously, yes there chip would have to use radio waves. or Microwaves…but in order to zero in the position of the person, it would need to contact the satellite through some sort of relay or near by internet device…but a possible technology!

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