Today, we send and recieve messages from around the world in a blink. There are no frontiers as such. Miles of distance are rendered irrelevant when we want to be heard.
Where, then, does that leave letter writing?
Today it is a luxury few people can boast of. Isn’t it ironic, that when technological progress was being made, people who wrote to their loved ones did that because it was comparatively cheaper. Today, sending an instant message is so much more convenient and wise. Letter writing is expensive.
Yet some of us, long to indulge ourselves into the whole stamps and envelope frenzy. The unbearable wait and excitement in holding a letter freshly delivered is an experience equal to none!
So, last year I made some pen pals through this awesome app Lettrs that lets us send and recieve virtual letters. And I started sending some of these aquaintances who live in India the real ones. They wrote to me too. This has added another dimension to my dull and boring life. I feel so special when the postman recieves my signature and hands me colourful envelopes that have stories inside them!
Each one is unique and an exquisite creation of the sender, containing within itself her individuality and passions.
I hope this positivity that I have added to my routine only grows into something better in the years to come.




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