Remember remember, the eleventh of september. Tell me the pictures on your mantlepieces, still remind you of your life before it, and that the air, lingers around with a sense of loss. Tell them you took those bloody bodies right across to your heart where they cannot find them, tell them that the ones who … Continue reading Remember


Fear II

I heard footsteps in my room. Someone stood for a moment right beside the bed. That person hurriedly moved towards the bathroom to ensure there was no one hiding and shouted something in a language I had no knowledge of. He ran outside, and they ambushed someone in the very next room. I felt suffocated … Continue reading Fear II

Fear I

I was standing at one of the windows, watching the parade that day from the third floor. Suddenly, amidst the noise, three explosions down the length of the road had me falling down on my knees and covering my ears. I looked up and saw people running, flesh strewn about the road and the some … Continue reading Fear I

My faith

Wow. Please go ahead an ban Shahrukh Khan, self proclaimed moralists. He spoke up and is that what actors aren't supposed to do? Oh wait, they're just meant to mind their own business. No one's bothering them. Why should they be getting vocal? Oh yeah. You forget, in your misplaced enthusiasm that these are people … Continue reading My faith