A Tim Burton Fan

I have tried to watch as many of Burton's movied as I could, and I am an admirer of his direction! His movies are a riot of senses. I don't think I could have imagined Wonderland any more weird than he makes it to be in Alice in Wonderland. I wish Through the Looking Glass … Continue reading A Tim Burton Fan


The smell of Ink

A few days back, I got the most beautiful gift from a friend. This apple of my eyes, a fountain pen 🙂 What a long time it seems to have passed since I held another betwixt my fingers.Identifying this smell, that has a hint of rustic vagueness, takes me back to school. We were supposed … Continue reading The smell of Ink

The voices are all dead, All my head now remembers is the statistics. Another post. A couple of likes, Another day, A march through conspicuous obsession, Over faces, Bodies, And kind acts. The voices, That made me sing when the day was rough, Made me dance when the music played, Made me smile on petty … Continue reading