Beat the heat without spending a fortune


Summer in India, is an atrocious dread. Temperatures touch the sky and it becomes almost impossible to be out when the sun shines. But we cannot stay at home and expect our coffers to be full. So ever since I was little, summer meant indigenous ways to keep our body temperatures normal and ward off heat stroke, the brutal squall of mid noon and dehydration.
And the best thing is, when I looked around the kitchen, I found all that was needed!
Gram flour(sattu) 2-3 tablespoon
Curd 2-3 tablespoon
1 chopped green chilli
One chopped small size onion
Lemon juice squeezed from half a lemon
Roasted cumin(jeera) (Roast about a pinch of seeds on the pan and grind it)

1. Mattha मट्ठा
Take a glass.
Mix curd in cold water and add salt according to your taste. Add chopped green chilli(as much as you think is okay for you) and top it with the ground cumin seeds. Dont forget to drop in half of that onion you chopped. Voila!
And yes about 10 drops(I have no idea how you are going to count) of the squeezed lemon.
It all depends on your customization. How thick you want it, how salty. I mean this is no set down recipe. I love it this way.


2. Sattu
Sattu actually is gram flour.
It makes for one refreshing drink along with the same ingredients minus the cumin.
I dont put cumin in it.


Now, the health benefits. Both have a cooling effect on your body. If you go out in the sun after having a glass, be assured it will be a lifesaver. Curd helps in proper digestion and also is easily digestible as opposed to milk. And no need to count the calories too! Scout around in the kitchen and get yourself some refreshment without spending a lot.


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