A Tim Burton Fan

I have tried to watch as many of Burton’s movied as I could, and I am an admirer of his direction!
His movies are a riot of senses. I don’t think I could have imagined Wonderland any more weird than he makes it to be in Alice in Wonderland. I wish Through the Looking Glass was also directed by him.
He takes the impossible, and gives us a wonderful, believable creation out of it. Yes I escape into the demonic world that is inhabited by Elizabeth Bonham Carter and the apt Johnny Depp. I didn’t as much mind the gore that was Fleet Street or Sweeny Todd as long as the imagination ran haywire.
Also, the hues! The dark, difficult times are in blues,greys, flinching between blacks and browns. The hopeful happy times are drenched in brightness of green, gold and as much as light as could enter the Earth on a hot summer day.
Edward Scissorhands could not have been in better hands.
Imagine my delight, when I watched the trailor of the new movie.






Releasing this September, I cannot wait to watch it. I have this belief that many of Burton’s movies celebrate peculiarity. It is a motif oft repeated, he embarks on bringing to life the glory of being ‘different’- perhaps an introvert, or an amazingly kind heart behind a formidable exterior. He gives people like me a chance to look into our eccentricities and be glad about them because that makes us unique.
I can be THAT Alice.



  1. I’m also a Burton fan but recently I’m finding his latest movies aren’t offering much new. They aren’t so much similar in style to previous movies as becoming near identical copies with new actors. That said, at least they offer something different to the usual hollywood fare. Thanks for sharing.

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