I am no expert on feministic theories that have progressed over the years but I am befuddled by its many ironies.

I speak of the irony.

In this largely patriarchal setup, those who have had to speak for the rights of women have often had to address their men who are in the possession of these rights so that they can cede with them willingly.

I speak of the irony.
That women who can afford to have their voices heard themselves differ on how a woman ought to command her just status.
In capitalistic developed economies, these women cannot be blamed if they neglect class struggle in relation to women. Women in poor developing societies are not aggressive about the high end demands made for diminishing the pay difference or equal representation of women in offices, committies or influential lobbying for the same.
I speak of the irony where we are at crossroads with one another and branded ‘fickle’.
And often we have to ask our men to respect women rather than asking our women to strive to command it. Because we are aware that a women’s revolution can not be instigated and there may not be a dominoe effect to events.
A long way to go still.



  1. I tell you a little story about Irony; back in the day I had some female coworkers and they were talking to each other. You gotta know I didn’t mind, that my boss at the time was a woman. But my coworkers did and they were bragging behind her back. And what dumb things they said, about that they wanted rather a strong man as a leader and not a vain woman. Some even joked, that they would marry this imagined male boss. Sometimes (when I hear such foolishness uttered by women) I believe, that all those feminists who fought for equal rights have fought in vain. The irony is, that Feminism (that fights for the rights of women) is hindered by women, who like to bear no responsibility at all and leave everything to the strong man by their side. I just shake my head in disbelieve.

    1. Yes, often women pull others down.
      Because at that time it is more about what is theirs seems to be at stake. It is only when they look beyond the context that concerns them that true empathy and belongingness can be raised.

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