I live, Day after day, With you not around me. I know years have passed, And time should have filled up that vacant space, With memories anew. But the ache remains the same, In no way lessened. I wake up with the thought of your absence, Piercing my skin like needles. And it lingers on … Continue reading Void



Some events, Changed the course that we were set on. The still waters we were knee deep in already, Rose above our heads, Murkier, Bloody. And we are struggling, Gasping for breath, Feeling it gather in a whirlpool around us, Taking with it those we know, Those we hold dear. I can't breathe. I can't … Continue reading Fear

The Night

This night, Spreading like a cat on its claws, Arches down the driveway, Knocking air out of people; Like smoke that freezes against glass windows, For you to slide your fingers across it, And give me a sign. And I will stumble out with staggering steps, Straight into you. Take me somewhere, Where I cannot … Continue reading The Night


'Auntie?' , implored Ashima cautiously. Her aunt Pamela, who was making hot chocolate for her favourite niece managed to mutter a faint 'hmm?' 'I am 25 now.' Pam smiled. 'All grown up, eh?' 'Remember the question I asked you years ago and you told me you'd tell me when I was 25?' Pamela handed her … Continue reading Life