How to motivate that friend of yours.

A little appreciation goes a long way and costs nothing. We have that friend who is trying hard to excel at something yet when you look at their work you tell them they’re great.

That is not enough.

All of us need to feel appreciated for what we do. Even inside the cubicle of a MNC, someone is trying to complete a task so that they are told they did well. No applaud, not even a pat on the back- just, ‘Yes this is what I was talking about.’

And he beams, strives to do it well again the next time too.

Imagine Everytime he does something and is told the same thing.

He will always be good enough, but not better.

We want our friends to do better than they are doing. At least friendship is supposed to be about that. And even if I don’t know someone who posts his work, there’s no harm in putting in a word. 

I decided, owing to a lack of feedback on what of my work I shared with people that I will not only hit the like button and rest.

I am going to tell them they’re good.

And then I am going to tell them they can do better.

That is how you motivate someone for daring to follow where their heart leads them.


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