Waking up

I have woken up to this. And a slight headache that’s been troubling me for days. It will go. I know I was up at 8, and later at 9 and finally right now. I had this dream that I am trying to recall. But it doesn’t come to me in order. Maybe the later bits are coming in first. Or maybe the dream wasn’t in a logical sequence at all.  Can it not be that this wonderful brain tries putting a random sequence of images in order after we wake up so that the dream doesn’t drive us insane.
I saw many photographs and found my brother as a kid in one of them. So I immediately shared it to our group on instagram. My brother, little as he was, running around and being brought to a stop by my aunt. But that’d make it a video. 

And as far as I remember, at our Granny’s the video recorder was brought out for the most special of occasions. Strange that my brother’s antics be captured in it.

Next I find myself walking: walking in the backyard of my own house but my vision being limited. My field of vision relegated to a slit inside a helmet of sorts as I kept waking. What a purposeless thing to do in a dream! 

So I wake up a little late, my head heavy, my conscience telling me I have studied nothing for my Accounting exam tomorrow and I just keep staring at the door. Tomorrow.


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