Leather, leather as light as feather.

Where do I begin?

There is a leather industry. It is abominable, but it thrives too. And a market exists because there are consumers and there is enough demand.

These consumers, while purchasing leather products, pay the retailers who in turn obtain products from the whole sellers on a supply first payment next basis. When these and the manufacturing units are put in motion, they pay wage/income to their workers involved in a process that begins with procuring of hide. 

Some leather Craftsmen sell directly to retailers or peddle their products themselves. These are often unorganized and marginalized. They are not registered for sale or trade in the hide/tanning/leather business but they owe their subsistence to it. Often their family members are involved in the work that goes into a finished product because that is all they can do to survive.

Even before the procurement of hide, there has to be an animal that is killed for it. It is brutal. This shouldn’t be happening in the first place well because it is cruel and it does not take into account only a COW. The same goes for slaughtering of any animal for the purpose of creating a marketable commodity out of it, be it horse, buffalo or crocodile.

But here is the thing. We are hypocrites and bigots. It is this bigotry that makes killing of a horse for hide more acceptable than that of a cow. It is this hypocrisy that makes us buy leather products and imagine it probably appeared out of nowhere and with a disclaimer that says:

No cows or animals were harmed in the process of making this pure leather product.

Because well, all animals are equal- cows being more equal than others.

It is this duplicity that makes us conveniently ignore the fact that Centre wants to generate leather revenues of $27 billion by 2020.

Where is all that leather coming from?

And when you’re being so angry about animal slaughter, do you care if it’s coming from some other animal? What then puts you on a higher pedestal to go about thrashing people who deal in hides? What moral ground do you adhere to?

If we had our religious sentiments attached with chicken, I am sure we’d be this agitated. But since that is not the case, guess what’s in lunch today? 

Chicken Butter Masala.

Also, I don’t eat chicken on Tuesday since it is an auspicious day relating to the deity I worship. I’d rather have it killed on any other day of the week. Let me put up a straight face as I say that and expect you to revere me.

What are these cow vigilantes fighting for? Someone can tell them to stop because that is not a fight anymore. You’re not angry because your religious sentiments have been hurt. You’re not offended because you love animals.

You cannot stand your own people and as we all know and I quote, “wars are always personal” 


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