To homesick men and women out there

I know this city feels new. I know it intimidates you with its nooks and corners that you have never set foot into.

And you can’t bring yourself to call it home.

Everyday as you walk back that rented apartment you co inhabit with another person to share the cost of living in a place that is as far removed from the feeling of belonging as are you from your little town, you yearn to find yourself in a familiar vaccum.

A vaccum that suffocated you.

But let it grow. Let this city with it’s cross crossing network of gullies and lanes grow on you until you are no longer afraid to be lost here.

Make it your own. Faces become familiar after a while if you only give it some time. They stop being hostile to a stranger and relax into a faint smile as you come across them- day in and day out.

You are one of us now.

It doesn’t feel homesick anymore. Somewhere, as you talk to your mom over the phone and she asks you where you are,

You break into a relieved sigh and say, ‘I am home.’


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