What do you like?

There are a lot of things about life that I don’t like. It’s short and so uncertain, so often ends abruptly. So much about this world bothers me too when I can’t do anything about it. But today, I decided to make a list of things that I like.

  1.  Books

          Yes, I smell books. I order books when there are some already waiting to be read. Books are truly the friends we seldom acknowledge. In books I find comfort. Through the voice of those that have left us and those that continue to inspire us, I find that I can overcome my moroseness about death and existence.The world they weave exists like another universe in my mind. Places and people overlap simultaneously, from Elizabeth Bennett to Chacha Choudhary. Books were my first love and will always be.
          2. Music

          Headphones in, I can conveniently forget the world now. Some songs catapult me into the past and sweet nostalgia. While others intensify the uneasiness I have at heart and bring tears to my eyes. But in the end, music soothes. Music is my answer to the nights I have trouble sleeping.

          3. Mountains

          Photo by Aparajita

          I have been to the mountains once, with my brothers. We went on a trip to Darjeeling and I fell head over heels. As I watched the peaks being kissed by sunlight while I sat in the car, it overwhelmed me. I got caught in the meaninglessness of this existence when I stood before the towering structures that have been here forever. If asked to choose between the mountains and the sea, I know it will always be the former. It felt like home out there.

          4. Relationships

          My parents, siblings and I are not always on the same page on everything and I guess that’s allowed. We are allowed differences and inspite of those, we can always be confident of having each other around like pillars you can hold on to.

          Amongst my relationships my prized achievements include retaining a few very good friends. They’re few, but enough. I don’t need a hundred friends who be unavailable when I need them. I just need one who’ll be there. And one, is enough.

          5. Cakes and pastries

          My friends now know how I love these sweet delights. To indulge into a cheesecake or a heavenly black forest feels the right thing to do, any day. Like a child, I look with a longing at delicious pastries kept in the display at bakeries. I used to joke that marrying a baker would really be convenient for my cravings.

          6. Poems

          Poets say so much in terse phrases that it astounds me. 

          I shall be telling this with a sigh 

          Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

          Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, 

          I took the one less traveled by, 

          And that has made all the difference.

          The poems I hold dear to me talk about time and death. They give me the comfort of trying to find order in a random chaotic universe. Poetry offers the solace that is often snatched away by an existential crisis.
          When I started making this list, I was at a loss. I was unsure if I could list even five. And I did. But there’s more! There are a lot of things that I like. This list isn’t comprehensive. There’ll be at least twenty lists like this one- at least a hundred things that I like! 🙂

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