The daily post weekly photo challenge in its latest challenge asks us to take a photo of what satisfies us. My first thought went to my books. And I won’t lie and tell you I have read the lot that I have, the satisfaction springs from having them, and finding comfort in the fact that one day I’ll pick up one that I haven’t read and will gain a new experience at minimal effort.

8 thoughts on “Books!

  1. I love to read. I have done a lot of reading this summer: I started reading over summer breaking May 13th and now on my ninth summer break book. So in summer, have read mystery, fantasy, nonfiction, and classic

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      1. Well- I have read Oliver Twist, Clearing in the Forest, Queen of the Tearling, Same Kind of Different as Me, One Hundred Story Home, 2 Land of Stories Books, Five Little Pigs, and Now in the middle of reading a book about 150 years of musical theatre.

        It is a bit difficult to decide which one is my most favorite, but do know I did like some more than others. Classic, mystery, fantasy, nonfiction

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