Recently( two days ago :p ) I started trying braids and they’re messy right now but I love them! 

Here I am, a jack of all trades,

Caught up in a fit to try things new!

One from the childhood

On a hot day, Papa would set us on errands to scavenge lemon,salt,onions,chillies and water from the kitchen and then prepare the cooling beverage with sattu. Sattu is flour prepared from roasted gram. It formed an important part of our food while we were growing up, regardless of it being summer or winter.

It’s November and the chill in the wind is becoming more and more perceptible each day. Today, I wanted to cook myself sattu paratha and sure enough, I did just that.

Sattu paratha, as I’ve seen my grandma, my mother and my dad prepare it, consists of sattu stuffing inside a dough made of wheat flour, which is then cooked on the tawa, with or without oil. 

The best thing about stuffings is the flexibility they provide in customising them according to your palate. Add what you like and remove what you don’t.

The filling should neither be too dry nor runny, so be careful with the water!

For filling I used one small onion chopped, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chillies and a little grated ginger. Add to that a little mustard oil, salt and some water.

Used around 3 cups wheat flour to prepare dough for 4 parathas. 

Took some dough and made a ball of it. Flattened it on my palm and used my fingers to extend the periphery, pulling outward so that we get a depression in the center.

Stuff as much filling as will comfortably let you roll the ball by a rolling pin.

Use some dry flour on the ball before you use the rolling pin so that the dough doesn’t stick to the pin or the board.

Its entirety upon you. You may not add oil though you might need a chutney of some kind because it will taste a little dry. I used mustard oil though you can use butter or ghee as well.

And thats the basic step by step account that one can modify according to their preference. I team this up with sweet curd. I find that heavenly! You can opt for tomato sauce, pickle anything you like!