Memories from a journey

I was waiting at the Kolkata airport for my Air India flight to Mumbai. It was supposed to depart at 9:20 am but there was a little delay and we hadn’t taken off until 9:40. 

The wait

I didn’t know this ticket included breakfast. 🙂


Of course I couldn’t capture what I was seeing. These were cotton balls floating in the sky, and looking so tangible I could almost believe people stepping on them and feeling under their feet hard ground. It looked so breathtakingly beautiful and the picture doesn’t do justice to what was in front of me!

Treat for the eyes!

My friend joined me at the Mumbai Airport and we landed in Udaipur in the afternoon. Fun was about to begin!

Finally it was so good to see her and really feel excited for the trip!


On your first trip to Udaipur, book an ola/Uber as soon as you deplane at the Maharana Pratap Airport at Dabok because that’ll save you some money. If you wait, they’ll all be gone and prepaid taxis are expensive. You have the option to get on a bus playing a little outside the airport but that would take you to a bus depot and you’ll have to find something else like an auto or taxi to your hotel. And we couldn’t do that because we had overwhelming luggage. Pre paid taxi to our hotel at Hanuman Ghat cost us Rs. 600/- for around 22 kilometres. Also find out beforehand if your hotel provides airport pick up and at what price. 

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