Somewhere we belong #1

A day before our trip started, I called Nidhi up about her train and she tells me the ticket wasn’t confirmed.

I recall telling her that she could get the flight I was on, from Mumbai itself. But no, she’d rather take a train. And I roll my eyes and say, ‘Will you now consider the possibility?’

And she does.

So I was really excited that we’d be together at least for half of the journey.

I reached Mumbai airport at around 12 and the next flight was Air India itself so the attendant stopped me in the passage leading up to the exit gate and three other passengers because we had connecting flight to Udaipur and the same plane would double up as the next flight so we need not deboard. But I really wanted to see her and knowing that she was somewhere around and I had been held back made me feel bad.

Somehow it made me imagine I was a criminal and she’d come to see me. Imagination at short notice is my forte.

I rang her up and asked her where she was. Apparently, we were at two sides of a gate. So I saw her waving from across with a grin on her face and waved back eagerly. It felt so good to see her! I started walking towards the gate in my excitement and was rebuked by the ground staff. I fell back instantly.

After a seemingly long wait that I chatted her up on WhatsApp, the gates finally opened and there she was.

And right then I knew it was going to be an awesome trip together! 🙂

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