Somewhere we belong #2

We touched down at Maharana Pratap Airport in the afternoon after a flight that was nonetheless eventful. I checked her in next to me and the view included the wingspan of the plane as opposed to a clear unobstructed view of the sky that I had had earlier. So next time, we’re not checking anymwhere near seat number 27 she told me.

She had a new bag which was very cute and that became our very own bagwati for the trip.

She had told me she hadn’t been feeling well and it was sort of a premonition actually. I was concerned but had no idea how to go about it since usually, I am the one who needs watching. I didn’t want her to get sick, which she later did. And on top of that, drizzles and a cloudy sky marked our visit to Mount Abu. And not once did she let that dampen her spirits. 

We were very talkative throughout the flight but hey! In my defense I was meeting her after a month. Nidhi is very perceptive. She could feel the subtle movements of the plane as it changed direction under her feet or tilted to a side. She’d ask me if I felt them to which I replied in the negative but it was amusing to watch her exclaim that the plane was moving this way or that. She’d grab hold of my hand when the tremors or drop in altitude was very obvious.
I started solving a crossword puzzle to distract her and got halfway through with our assumptions and definitive conclusions when it already was time to land. And take the first selfie.


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