Somewhere we belong #3

When we collected our luggage and exited the airport, we were witness to a beautiful bride being welcomed in the hottest destination wedding venue of India right now, you have it folks: Udaipur.

And Nidhi was plagued with the trepidation that comes when you’re this close to recalling a face and giving it a name. She kept saying she had seen that woman somewhere. And I kept reassuring her that she must have. 

Udaipur fares topmost in destination wedding venue for those who can afford one :p

We all saw how beautiful the regal city is, in Ye Jawani Hai Deewani, and I think the movie with it’s glitzy cast and a breathtaking backdrop must have catapulted the city to those who had hitherto been unfamiliar to the concept, like I had been. I absolutely love the movie though!

And this is what you expect your Udaipur trip to be like:


As opposed to reality:

We took a cab to Hanuman Ghat where I had booked our hotel on Make My Trip

We waited a tad too long in booking a cab because there was none available when we came out of airport and taking a bus was not an option as we were carrying luggage. After much deliberation that looked like we were discussing world peace, we took a taxi to Hanuman Ghat. 

You can sense the camera came out right then.  


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