Somewhere we belong #4

Bagore Ki Haveli folk dance show enthrals you!

It was evening when we reached Hanuman Ghat in Udaipur. That was where our hotel was located. I had booked the hotel on Make My Trip. Hanuman Ghat has close proximity to Bagore Ki Haveli, Pichhola Lake and Jagdish Temple. You can spend your evening by the lake and the experience cannot be exchanged for anything. Go sit by the lakeside on the steps and listen to your favorite songs or chat away: Udaipur will remain the highlight of your trip.

We asked the owner of hotel if there was anything we could do in the evening. He suggested we go to the Bagore Ki Haveli folk dance show that began at seven. It showcases folk dance forms from all over Rajasthan. You have to be there at least half an hour before seven since the tickets sell out quickly.

Nidhi’s condition was in no way better since she had been developing a cold. She wanted to eat something hot, hungry that we were. So we ordered a a brownie at a eatery some distance away and had it heated up. Also, a man next to the Haveli was selling popcorn so I bought two packets.

All of this meant the tickets were sold out when we reached the Haveli.  And a few people were requesting the attendant to let them in. I looked at Nidhi and knew we’d get in of course. It’s amazing to see her that confident as if on a mission when I’d rather wear a sullen face and give up. The attendant went upstairs to see if any seats were left and if he could allow us to stand by the sidelines and watch.

He came back and informed us that we could surely stand and watch. But just the two people. I have no idea which two because all of us, around ten people scrambled in like school kids.

He made me stand near a pillar from where I could not see the performance area properly. So Nidhi turned to him and complained. He ushered us in, to the reserved seats and I could not believe my luck! Here we were sitting comfortably with a clear view of the artists when two minutes ago I was ready to retract my steps and eat the popcorns by the lake.

Talking about the folk dance show, you have to be there to feel the vibe the crowd exudes when it goes oooh over the reportedly 72 year old star of the show who also is the show stopper. I’d suggest you keep that phone away and take it in, the music, the ambience and the beats that make you tap your feet.
I managed to make a really short video towards the end. 

There’s a little art gallery by the haveli and we checked it out.

When we came out we decided to sit by the lake. And talk. Two guys sat on the steps smoking and playing songs over a Bluetooth speaker and we sat down, Nidhi and I, because it was the perfect setting! More so when we were the ones without the speakers. Make sure you pack one for moments like these, when water spreads before you and a million lights fall on it and you can forget thinking about ‘what next’ for a while.

After a while they did become conscious about their song choices since we were singing along under our breaths. And the tracks started coming erratically since they couldn’t zero in on what to play. We were definitely having fun. XD

This is the view from where we sat on the steps leading to the lake.
Nidhi had a new super cute bag and we decided to christen it our own Bagwati 😀

Hungry that we were, we saw a street stall named Spice India and ordered two strong coffee and noodles. 

It was cold and the coffee was much needed. We sat inside under the dim lights and talked. It wasn’t a fancy place with people waiting on you, it felt like you were having a secret rendezvous. The place is small and run by students. The guy who served us was really sweet. He sat down with permission after we were done eating and suggested what we should be doing with the one day we had at hand.

On our way back to the hotel, we took many pictures at the overbridge and didn’t want to go to our room! We were photobombed sportingly by some tourists too but I can’t find that photo 😦

And that is how we spent the little time we had left of the day we reached Udaipur.


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