You and I

It begins, innocuously, with texting in today’s time. People see one another, decide that they like what they see, and want to talk. So they talk, and decide if they’d want to do it more often and more frequently. If they’d like to lose their sleep over sweet nothings. All walls come crashing down. Yesterday, you’d be in bed by ten because you love your sleep. Tonight, you’re still going on and on about nonsense because that is how it’s supposed to work.

They say things they think are going to go well and feel jumpy in their skin when they say something which feels stupid in afterthought.

And then comes the incessant texting. It’s almost like a push and pull. And it has become so easy to get your thoughts through, thanks to the numerous messaging apps that don’t let you have a respite from constantly being in touch. Data price has plummeted, Android phones are affordable and people know if you’re read or received their message.

So had we left something to the good old courting, would we have fared any better? 

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