Suji (Semolina) Halwa

You are going to need: Two tablespoons ghee, pre heated milk, a cup of semolina, sugar and cardamom powder for the halwa. I used three tablespoons Sugar free powder instead of sugar.
Also, I chopped a little cashew and almond to add to the halwa along with raisins. I like to grate about four pieces of almonds and add it to my halwa for a nice texture.

Heat ghee in a pan and add semolina to it. As it starts turning golden, I add the cardamom powder right then to  give it a nice roasted flavour .The semolina(suji) should turn golden brown and you’ll know that is the right time to add milk. You should heat the milk first, and keep it with the lid on so that it doesn’t cool down while you’re cooking the Semolina. If you use hot milk, chances of lumps being formed goes down.
Add milk slowly and keep stirring while you do that. Don’t add all the milk in one go.Pour a little, then use your spatula to mix it well. And then pour a little more. Keep repeating this. You have to let the suji cook while you’re between pouring milk. It should feel soft between your fingers when it’s done.

Add around half a cup sugar if you’re cooking a cup of suji. I added three tablespoons of sugar free for my quantity, which was enough for two people.

Add the grated almonds when the suji is cooked and mix it well. Keep it on a low flame for five minutes. 

There you go, halwa is almost done. Add the chopped dry fruits and serve hot!
Innovate as you go along. Add a little extra dollop of ghee if you like it rich. Grate cashews instead of almonds. Add more milk if you think it’s not cooked properly.

I’d love to have your questions and let me know if you make it differently. 



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