Baigan Chokha (Mashed eggplant and tomato )

I used three small tomatoes, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 chopped green chilli, and chopped half a medium sized onion
Use a knife to slice through the eggplant, making a cross. Begin slicing at the convex end and do not cut through entirely.

Take a little mustard oil in your hand and smear the inside as well as the outside of the eggplant with it.

Take the garlic pieces and push them into the inside portion of the eggplant like I’ve shown in the picture.

Let the tomatoes and eggplant grill over direct heat for some time. The tomatoes will start getting softer and the thin top layer will loosen up. Keep rotating the tomatoes for even grilling so that you can mash them easily.

The skin of the eggplant will change texture and you need to keep that rotating as well so that it doesn’t burn.

You’ll know the brinjal is ready to be mashed when the upper coat turns a dark brown and starts peeling.

In a bowl add the tomatoes, the eggplant, the chopped onions, chilli, salt to taste and a teaspoon of mustard oil and mash them together.

Pair with sattu paratha or a boring lunch comprising chawal daal.(rice and lentil broth)

Add more tomatoes if you’re looking for a fluid dip. You can take two brinjals and one tomato for a thicker consistency.

Some of my friends add boiled potatoes too. Let me know how you prepare this and if you like it.


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