Kasuri Methi Paratha

When you come home from work, cooking yourself dinner feels like a daunting task. So often, you get a take away or heat up something that’s leftover or eat out, which is fine. However, it is always good to cook because you know your food inside out. You know what has gone in there, it’s fresh, it’s filling. Sometimes you just crave for homemade food and can’t go all out.

This is a quick guide to Kasuri Methi ke parathe. Simple and easy. And like I always say, customise it according to your taste.
Take water in a bowl and heat it. Don’t bring it to boil. Turn off the gas and add a handful of dries fenugreek leaves to it. Let the leaves soften. That should take 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, take two cups of wheat flour. Chop up a green chilli real fine and grate a little ginger. Add this to the flour. You can always add a spoonful of curd if you have it. It’s okay if you don’t. If you’re going to pair the parathas with a chutney or a sauce or pickle, you may not add salt. However if you don’t have any of these, add salt to taste.

Next, drain the water and add the leaves to the flour. We are going to use that water to make a dough. Add water slowly and keep kneading the flour until it’s not too soft neither too hard. Roll the dough into 3-4 balls.

Use a rolling pin to stretch the balls into circles. And you don’t need perfect circles. 

Put a frying pan or tawa over low flame and smear a little ghee on the surface.

Put in the roti that you’ve rolled. Flip it after two minutes and smear some ghee on the surface. Flip it again after two minutes. Let both sides cook properly and there you have something that’s easy and it fills your stomach.

Happy eating!


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