We aren’t lost on a precipice. Things happen, and when they do, it is always for a reason. That reason might be out of grasp for people like us who would think nothing of circumstantial evidence, but if we’re all being used like wooden dolls on strings, something ought to justify how we fall apart and come together in a vicious cycle that goes on, uninterrupted.

If the universe colludes to make us meet, it must have better plans for the two of us.

But it would have been easier if we were pawns and oblivious to the steps we took we always knew a step or a drag or a jump would get us somewhere, bring us in confrontation with someone.On the other hand we think we are intelligent, we have minds that help us leap in a particular direction.
How am I to distinguish between what I do and the overreaching implications of my actions on the world around me? It is a dominoe effect only in the sense that it triggers a reaction in you. Sometimes that reaction is projected towards me.

Where do we go from here?
Do you think we are objectives,
That someone is ticking off on a giant computer screen?
Like in the games my brother used to play.
I found him facing the laptop,
In a face off with the troops trying to gather ammunition.
I stop and stare for a while,
Until I realise he’s following directions.
So do we get a prompt now,
That tells us what to do?
I think I have spent,
This life contemplating you.