Wound up

You keep saying I stumbled upon you, And made you my disovery, My pet project. And when I was but all straightened up like a scarecrow, You'd fix the lever on my sides, So no one else would know That I need winding up. So how long do you think I'll work? How long am … Continue reading Wound up



Leave the clothes to soak, The relentless call of monotony, Seeps through cracks in the window panes, With the sun, I am running out of breath, I am oscillating between what I need and what I want, In turns. If I was hanging by a thread, Would you pull me over, And tell me this … Continue reading Relentless


We don't listen to the same songs anymore. Last I heard you were so animatedly talking about someone I didn't know. I keep quiet through the night, While you're humming a tune I never heard before. Here I am wishing we'd never sleep so far apart, Waves of the bedsheet folding onto themselves, Spread between … Continue reading Songs


Faces, Peering out of slideshows about friendship, Where did you find that song I can't bring myself to remember the lyrics to? Faces, Smiling out of photographs of a wedding party, Where did you get hold of the novel I've always been asking you to read? Sometimes I can't sleep without having listened to hopelessly … Continue reading Face