My Cat’s religion

It’s hard to tell,

If my cat is hindu.

She wasn’t born saffron,

And isn’t growing up to be either.

So I’m skeptical.

Yesterday I wore my saffron dupatta,

And it seemed I was straight out of a political party campaign,

But I’m not canvassing votes for anyone I swear.

I just wore a beautiful vibrant colour,

Previously unencumbered by the mood of the nation.

Is this really what the country wants?

This is a non political post,

Don’t put words in my mouth,

And interpretation in your heads.

Behead all the trees,

So splattered green,

And colour the sky,

Gawking in your face a rebellious blue.

Everywhere I see and I can only see labels,

I see rigid opinions in all hues.

Sometimes my kitty is white against the wall,

Sending out catholic vibes,

Or ku klux beliefs I don’t know,

I’m not brave enough to ask her why she’s so adamant in what she thinks is alright to think,

Even when it is cruel.

Sometimes she arches her back and doesn’t revere the little photographs we have of gods and goddesses by the puja room,

I wonder if she thinks I’m an infidel.

Does that give her predisposition away?

But when I’m by her side at night,

Her countenance all zen like,

I think she’s taken to me,

My baby,

And does not believe there is a god,

Especially one that wants you to maim, lynch, kill, burn and torment the people painted in other colours


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