There was once a woman and she could be you,

A good eight and twenty, and fertile too,

So quick to dismiss her were her people set,

They repeatedly asked her if she had found a catch yet,

She took a sigh as long as the syllables in this line do.

A woman must marry, if you will,

Marry and bear children, to fulfill her destiny still.

That when she slept she dreamt she was falling,

Into the abysmal abyss called marriage that she was stalling.

Oh she only heartily wished to eat to her fill.

What has a woman got to do to let everyone know,

That it’s one life we have been spared and we ought to live it so,

To work or not to work is the question,

To work as a mother is a maddening situation.

All the voices around her needed to go.

So one fine day she said yes to a man,

Tried keeping a straight face on the stage whispering ‘Yes I can’

But hell broke loose when she realised after that,

The guy wouldn’t let her bring the cat!

So there’s still a woman so prime,

She lives with eight and twenty cats and still no man.


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