We don’t listen to the same songs anymore.

Last I heard you were so animatedly talking about someone I didn’t know.

I keep quiet through the night,

While you’re humming a tune I never heard before.

Here I am wishing we’d never sleep so far apart,

Waves of the bedsheet folding onto themselves,

Spread between us in an ocean.

If I leave my arm free unencumbered,

What are the chances you’d know that this is for you to hold?

I’m not caving in,

In this war of words,

But at least I’d keep on believing you led me on,

And you’d think that too.

Can we share the same song,

Listen to the music rise and drop,

Until I can’t tell if its the beats or the thud of my half baked heart,

Can we skip a breath at the same time,

Listen to the heaving of our chest,

Until it’s us,

And our song.


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