Are we home yet?

Did we take that right at the roundabout?

Where you kept telling me we’d be fine if we didn’t go by the book,

Of how to set us right,

That home was around the corner, just out of sight.

We were thinking of different things,

Like stars that align in shapes only for our eyes,

And how the albatross of good signs has spread its wings,

And left our side- I see indifference in the way you steer us out of tears,

I see the ghost of normalcy growing into my biggest fears.

We were talking of how it hurts us and

How it bothers us so,

When one of us takes for granted,

The love that once I could find by the lot

In smiles

In laughter

In carefree cuddles and the after taste of my lipstick on your tongue.

In the smell of your skin against mine,

Like raw hunger,

It now throbs inside my veins in anticipation.

We are lost in the company of one another,

You and I.

I grow impatient,

You’re trying to accomodate me like an ocean makes space for a lost stream,

I just want to come home,

And lose the stiffness in my shoulders,

Lose my breath into yours,

Lose my sanity into your arms.


I guess we are irrevocably lost.


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