Wound up

You keep saying I stumbled upon you,
And made you my disovery,
My pet project.

And when I was but all straightened up like a scarecrow,
You’d fix the lever on my sides,
So no one else would know
That I need winding up.
So how long do you think I’ll work?

How long am I supposed to survive,

Having repaired you?

A mile of silence stretches like the smell of an unpaid debt between us.

Will you collect your tears and send this way?

I once loved a girl and felt she was slipping away,

Into unchartered territory of self doubt,

I couldn’t care less.

I wouldn’t always be there.

You smile at unknown faces

I spread like the day over your clouds

We can together,

Be the memory lost to the skies.

What did you dream of, tonight?

When we’ve spent ourselves over books and our favourite music,

Do you think anyone of us really wants to die?


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