Last night, The things you said, Keep company throughout the day And hit me the most at sunsets: Amidst shadows and silhouettes, The dusky brilliance of a peachy grey sky, I keep coming back to sighs. I hold my wavering sight on clouds and lightening that a dried up tree paints against them. In every … Continue reading Sunsets


Not Today

Hey, I wonder if you, Look over your shoulders now and then, To confirm that you're not being followed. I wonder if you've ever had to consider what the best pepper spray in the market was. I wonder if you're aware at times, Looking at objects and counting the ways they double up as weapons … Continue reading Not Today


Don't leave me to my thoughts, After you're done showering me with words, My thoughts - they scare me like, The sound of a shivering night in the silence of the stars, Marred by crickets, And how my feet approaching startles them into silence. I might, Break like morning breaks on a night that no … Continue reading Feels