Don’t leave me to my thoughts,

After you’re done showering me with words,

My thoughts – they scare me like,

The sound of a shivering night in the silence of the stars,

Marred by crickets,

And how my feet approaching startles them into silence.

I might,

Break like morning breaks on a night that no one knows about,

Except us.

Obscure and into easy forgetfulness,

Daylight doesn’t know what happened last a few hours ago

But it can still hear the echo of a sigh,

That broke on a dejected night.

Everything comes back to my mind,

Like my favourite movie scenes,

I know the words by heart,

And I sometimes see them in a new light.

I know what evil magic the sorcerers sprinkled on my dreams,

Whenever I am afraid I’m waking up,

All I hear is my muffled screams.

We’ve all wanted to vanish into thin air at times,

I’ve often wanted to conjure myself again,

But with a reset on what I feel.

If I could build myself from scratch,


Maybe I’d heal.


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