Rain falls from azure skies.

I wait at the window for the koel to sing me some songs today.

She flaps her wings and looks at me.

Almost as if she wants to stay,

And acquiesce.

Sing me the song where two lovers meet,

And the world,

Does not, for once,

Fall into pieces when they do.

Rain falls like cheese dripping off of my sandwich,

Like a stream of cool water on a fresh burn,

Like a word whispered in my ears,

The reverberation following suit in my body,


Like a caterpillar mid metamorphism,

And rain falls like thoughts on my parched mind,

On a multi dimensional dry patch of visions and scenes,

Rain falls like the smell of your sweat as I lay in your arms,

Trying to break this spell.

Fly home, little bird,

My heart now croons its own melody.

Fly home, darling,

Fare thee well.


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