We share the same space,

You and I.

I’m surprised so many relentless years have already passed us by.

I wake up to the smell of your new cologne,

You to the sound of my sigh as I repeat to myself ‘I’m fine.’

We walk inside this house like ghosts from different timelines,


Late into the night,

I stare at my phone,

My back resting against the headboard of the bed,

Unable to close my eyes I drift into the dread,

Of reminiscing what we had.

My free arm feels like a leaden weight,

It lingers close to yours and I die a few deaths,

Wishing I wouldn’t be

Afraid to take your supine hand into mine,

Mortified to have you probably pull it away,

Chiding me with a mild annoyance,

‘Just what do you think you’re doing?

I’ve to go to work, please.’

Just when did it come to this?

I feel I have been betrayed by time,

How it stretched through the years,

And yet felt like a blink.

I was here,

And you couldn’t wait to hold me in your arms.

One of these days,

I might have to beg for your affection,

You would perhaps spare it in alms.

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